Bespoke copywriting consultancy

For many marketing professionals, the right level of help is hard to find. Most copywriters or agencies just want to do the job for you, not work with you. That’s why we developed this flexible range of copywriting support options. Through a combination of consultancy, confidential guidance and skills transfer, experienced copywriter, Sue Johnston, works with you to address your particular challenges and share techniques you can use time and again.

We offer three tailored options:

Tone of voice development

Our tone of voice consultancy service is suitable for established brands who need to bring their brand values to live through their copy. We work with you to define what your tone of voice is - and most importantly, give you the tools needed to apply it consistently across your marketing communications.

Message workshop

This senior level workshop focuses on prioritising external messages by sector and/audience. Greater clarity is achieved by creating targeted and compelling propositions for multiple audiences or product sets.


Individual copywriting guidance and mentoring with B2B specialist, Sue Johnston. This involves bespoke practical support to address individual projects or marketing writing challenges.

Thank you very much for the web copy. I have to say I am extremely impressed with it - especially since you only had our telephone conversation and the existing material to go on. Even we think Axis-Shield sounds like a great company after reading this!

Sue Younghusband
Marketing Director, Axis-Shield UK

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