Copywriting for consumer goods and retail

Copywriting for consumer goods and retail, especially product description copywriting, requires plenty of creativity and marketing savvy, plus the ability to get inside the head of the consumer and tap into what motivates them to buy.

No matter how good your imagery is, it can't capture the lustre of a shiny new car, it won't light up the room with the glow of a new HD television set, and it won't tantalise with the aroma of sizzling sausages. That's the job of the copywriter.

Really, the secret to selling any consumer product is quite simple: it's about creating desire, fulfilling needs and meeting aspirations. When it works well, you won't even notice it working. Good product descriptions get to work on the senses and the subconscious. They can plant the seeds of desire for things your customers never knew they needed!

Whatever you need to sell, your copywriter must sound like they want to buy it. Our experienced copywriters have helped sell everything from tiny amuse bouche to a girl's best friend. We've covered many retail sectors: consumer goods, clothing, speciality food products, flowers, holidays, sports kit and jewellery.

Challenge us on product description copywriting: give us a product and we'll give you fifty or sixty words on why it's a must buy item.

Get more from your USP's, get more from your sales copy, and get more from your copywriting agency - contact us today.

It’s great to work with an agency who specialise in copy. We’ve found The Writing Stable to be a pleasure to work with; they were quick to understand our business and requirements, and they always meet our deadlines, however tight they are!

Erica Nicholson,
Brand Manager, Interflora