How to choose a copywriter

So, you’ve decided to enlist the services of a professional copywriter! Great. Now you just have to choose one… How hard can it be?

Is the printed brochure dead?

Many businesses have let the brochure quietly slip away into the background. Glossy print has been superseded in the digital age. That’s good isn’t it?

Copywriting is no funny business

Should you use humour to engage with your audience? Read this article before you decide...

How to spot good copy

What are the hallmarks of good marketing copy? What distinguishes truly effective copy from the run-of-the-mill stuff?

Inspiring thoughts

If we knew where inspiration came from, we’d bottle and sell it. But it’s a flighty thing – here one minute, gone the next.

The case for case studies

Case studies don’t tend to come top of the marketing agenda. But perhaps they should?

The frequency factor

How often should you get in touch with clients? Too much irritates; too little puts you at risk of being forgotten.

Do we need a tone of voice?

When image and tone of voice don't match it can work against your brand. But creating a brand language is easier said than done.

Copywriting for beginners

Copywriting is not just about creativity. To be a great copywriter you'll also need logic and the ability to structure and plan effectively too.

Are your marketing messages distinctive enough?

Are your marketing messages distinctive enough? View more

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